La Familia, is an exploration of my nuclear family relationships. An observation of my family in our apartment.
A voyage to explore the room as a space as part of the apartment – the room functionality and the relationships
between family members in it. Include two series: The Bedroom and The Living Room.

A conservative apartment structured from several rooms isolated by walls. The walls create boundaries between
the family members and different functions. The physical structure in a contrast to behavior and the relationships
between family members. Family relationships are not always related to the room functionality. Deferent time of
the day or even seasons can affect how family members are using a particular room. Apartments aren’t designed
around a family; they designed to serve architects, construction workers, electricians, plumbers and mechanics.

The conservative apartment design is totally wrong from the basis. An apartment should serve and present the
family needs, emphasize the family internal relationships. For some families boundaries are needed, for others
openness (physical and mental) is a must. The apartment should be designed around family members to support
the family educational approach and the relationships in between family members. Apartment’s outer and inner
structure should not enforce family activities or behaviors.

The family apartment is not a mass market product, it’s a private suit that should made to fit the family belongings,
the family relationships and take in account changes over time. Designers should look on the family both as a circle
and as an individual. Architectures and interior designers should act as researchers to understand the connections
and the gestures between family members. Building materials should behave as biological units to support modular
and flexible apartments. Different materials should have the ability to communicate and work as an independent unit.

Families who are seeking for a new apartment and don’t have the option or the knowledge how to design their own
apartment are very limited. They are limited by a short list of, size, numbers of rooms, parking spots, floor etc.
Apartments should be like a jellyfish. Jellyfish, changes the form and behavior following the conditions. An apartment
should be flexible for changes. Not just on the long term, but in particular on the short term. For example people are
using the rooms differently during mornings, evenings or nights, or even weekends. In the future this should affect the
materials used to billed and construct buildings and apartments. Dynamic and flexible relationships between materials
are needed. But at the present we should adapt new design methods to support better the family cell.

At LaFamilia I’m exploring my apartment, to try and understand the relationships and the functionality of our rooms.
As part of this project I’m trying to answer questions that related to the need of each room.

The Bedroom

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The Living Room

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